Welcome, I’m so glad to have you here! I’m looking forward to sharing guidance to help you express self-confidence and poise, providing style and beauty inspiration, and sharing the small joys in life for indulging and pampering yourself. <3

What you’ll find:

  • Styling guidance with classic, sophisticated & comfortable pieces across a variety of brands and price points
  • Beauty finds that are effective, make you look and feel great, and naturally enhance your features
  • Easy interior decorating advice and curated accent pieces to make your place warm and cozy
  • Delicious globally-inspired dishes that make an impression but don’t take a full day (or more) of work
  • Philosophies for living well, confidently, and that contribute to a fulfilling life

I believe that everyone should have high self-confidence, happiness and enjoyment of life. I hope my blog, which reflects my personal experiences and preferences, can help you in achieving such!

As for who I am… I’m a blend of left and right-brained tendencies; a creative designer/artist with a technical background which I use to address my topics in a thorough and informed manner. I love being elegant and sophisticated, but I’m also naturally happy, energetic, and silly… Most importantly, I love capturing and sharing moments of beauty, and providing inspiration to others. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you’d like to see addressed in my blog; I’d be happy to answer them!


Collaborations  I am thrilled to consider collaborations with brands that align with my style and design aesthetics.

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  • Mona

    Hi Laurie,

    After you mentioned TenCent at our party, I was curious about that company’s US presence and checked it on linkedin.com, and I found you there! I tried to connect with you but didn’t know your email. Then I found this, your website. It is so cool!

    By the way, Mirek and I are planning to attend an event hold in Paraduxx Winery, Napa, on Saturday, 6th April. Do you wanna join us? Since the event is member exclusive, we can invite you as our guesses. We need to make reservation to ensure our seats, so please let me know your decision ASAP.


    • http://www.EyeForElegance.com lauriel

      Hi Mona! Wow, I’m amazed at how you found your way to my blog – and very glad you did so~ :)

      Responded back to you via email about the winery, thanks!

      (btw, I’m sure that whatever I cook for you guys, will be posted here… as I tend to experiment on the wknds, post here if successful, and then serve to others.) ;)