Summer Seafood Series: Steamed Clams & Shrimp with White Wine & Bacon


One of the most pleasurable activities of summer is digging into a pile of fresh, steamed seafood with your hands. Enjoy this impressive-looking and delicious feast before summer’s end! I hadn’t previously cooked fresh clams before because of their easily-perishable… Continue Reading

Summer Seafood Series: Miso-Marinated Broiled Black Cod


We recently joined a sustainable fish delivery service (CSF) called Sea Forager (based in the San Francisco bay area), and have since been enjoying the freshest selection of seafood that we’ve ever had. It’s so indulgent, and it’s fantastic to… Continue Reading

[Roasted Artichokes] Crisp & Savory with Parmesan


How do you feel about artichokes? Do you love them, or could you use some convincing about their tastiness? The artichokes I ate as a child were prepared simply; boiled until soft, and served with a side of mayonnaise. The… Continue Reading

Philosophies of Happiness and Youth


I recently celebrated a milestone birthday – I’m 35! Halfway through the ‘Sex and the City’ decade, and I’m having a blast. I couldn’t ask for a more loving, amazing life partner, and I have plenty of hopes – but… Continue Reading