Your Health & Well-Being: Deepak Chopra’s ‘Super Genes’ Enables Improving Your & Your Childrens’ Lives

Our first 'family' hike in Zion Park (20 weeks pregnant): 8 miles and 2000 ft elevation. Whew!

[Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books for reviewing purposes. I actually had already read it prior to receiving the copy, and all thoughts below represent my own sincere thoughts about the book based on… Continue Reading

New Year Reflections : The Importance of Story-Telling


Story-telling will always be one of my true joys and loves. A story is created and shared. Entire new worlds can be envisioned and escaped to. Strong emotions may be evoked, perhaps in response to scenarios far from personal experience.… Continue Reading

Expressing Yourself: How to Develop Your Self-Identity


In the first video of this series, I encourage you to freely and openly express who you are and to defy stereotypes. Celebrate who you are! Now I’d  like to ask you: Who would you like to become? In what… Continue Reading