[Holographic + Metallic] Leather Skirt & Gladiator Heels


There is so much beauty in rainbows, especially when they show up in unexpected places, like the chromatic film of oil on wet black asphalt, or the brilliant refraction of light through a sparkling diamond. And rainbows are magical. They… Continue Reading

Transforming Into An Anime Doll


Some days, do you feel totally whimsical and silly? Do you ever get this sudden desire to let loose and have fun in a way that you normally don’t get to enjoy in your day-to-day life? And when that sensation… Continue Reading

Getting a hair salon-quality blowout at home [+ how-to video]


This weekend I took on a brand new media platform: video (Here’s the Eye For Elegance YouTube channel that I’ll be publishing to)! What you see below are the fruits of my labors (I would love to have your feedback) in… Continue Reading

A Last Look at Summer Dress Style


It’s past Labor Day (Still wearing white? You should – I’ll continue to do so throughout the winter!), and I’m getting a few last wears out of my summer maxi dresses. September is one of the best months in San… Continue Reading