Escape to the French Countryside with ‘French Country Cooking’


J’adore France. The flowing language, the elegant architecture, the chic style, and the incredibly luxurious food… oh la la! My love even manifests in the French middle name that we gave our daughter… rather than say, a Chinese one. I’ve… Continue Reading

Easy Elegance with a Halloween Baby Bear


Happy Halloween! I thought it would be fun to do a style mash-up featuring both an elegant minimalist look and an adorably easy Halloween costume. The former demonstrated by me, and the latter illustrated by my 3-month old daughter. A… Continue Reading

Exploring Chinese Cuisine with ‘All Under Heaven’


As a 4th generation Chinese with ties to Hawaii (thus my daughter’s name), I’m somewhat removed from my heritage culture. I grew up on Shake’N Bake chicken and broccoli, didn’t learn how to use chopsticks until a 3rd grade field… Continue Reading