Style Guides : Reading Recommendations For The Best Fashion Inspiration

My top three (digital and paper) reading recommendations for great style and fashion inspiration

We take in enormous amounts of information on a daily basis, more than we ever have in previous decades. I find myself skimming content quickly in hopes of consuming as much as I can in my small chunks of free… Continue Reading

Elegant Gladiator Style For Fall: Scandal Collection Launches at The Limited

The first time I heard about Scandal, the TV series featuring a sharp-witted woman with an uncanny intuition and passion to do the right thing in the murky, tumultuous backstage area of Washington DC politics, was via the show’s costume… Continue Reading

Professional Chic: Navy Blue and White Layers With Gold

It may not quite be Spring yet, but with Daylight savings time and some amazing sunny warm weather in northern California, it certainly feels like it is! As much as I’ve loved snuggling in my cashmere and (mostly faux) fur,… Continue Reading

Grey Hat Goes Casual

The very next day after wearing my new hat with jeans, I was inspired to mix it up again. It’s such an easy accessory to love! I stuck with light colors to match the warm weather… there’s plenty of time… Continue Reading