Re-Defining ‘Beauty’: How to Create Your Own Signature Beauty


We’re so inundated with images and concepts of ‘beauty’, it’s been reduced to a near-meaningless buzzword. I think it’s important to give real meaning to the word, and attribute new value to it, so that it actually becomes applicable to… Continue Reading

Expressing Yourself: How to Develop Your Self-Identity


In the first video of this series, I encourage you to freely and openly express who you are and to defy stereotypes. Celebrate who you are! Now I’d  like to ask you: Who would you like to become? In what… Continue Reading

Your Self Identity: Dare to Defy Stereotypes!


Your closest friends and family may be privileged to hear your inner wishes and fears, see you evolve through life experiences, and embrace you for everything that you are. Gotta love them for that. But most of the world never… Continue Reading