Express Yourself: Developing Your Self-Identity

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In the first video of this series, I encourage you to freely and openly express who you are and to defy stereotypes. Celebrate who you are!

Now I’d  like to ask you: Who would you like to become?

In what ways would you like to develop your identity? If you could imagine yourself in five years, how would you like others to see you as?

In this video, we continue the conversation about how you can identify who you want to be, and how to achieve it. I outline the steps in which you identify the way(s) that you want to develop, and general guidelines of how you can make that happen.

To set expectations, I’m describing my top-level process for enabling self-change. To keep it universally applicable, I won’t be able to go into specifics. My goal is to give you the foundational inspiration and framework enabling you to lay out your goals.

The steps are a way to visualize and structure your goal and the path towards it. They do not ensure success. As with any choice that you make in your life, the key to your success lies solely with you.

Your mindset and actions determine how successful you will be with tackling your goal. A failed New Years resolution is something said, but not acted upon. Mastering a valuable, lifelong skill is one that you dive into with purpose and commitment.

That driven desire and momentum is something that you carry with you, from beginning to end. Although, I will clarify that the path(s) you take will never truly end unless you consciously abort the journey. There will always  be additional nuances to master, with new techniques and related capabilities to explore.

So, form your game plan and go for it! The time and effort investment will enrich your life. How? You never know the path that will come of it. Maybe you’ll reach your intended destination. Maybe you’ll end up somewhere else completely; unanticipated but entirely fulfilling.

For myself, I have consistently nurtured my self-development paths over time. Disparate as they may seem when viewed separately, I am weaving them together into a beautiful, cohesive story that is uniquely me. I am so proud of the tapestry that I am creating, and I hope you are and will be proud of what you create of yourself as well.


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