Self Identity: Dare to Defy Stereotypes

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Your closest friends and family may be privileged to hear your inner wishes and fears, see you evolve through life experiences, and embrace you for everything that you are. Gotta love them for that. đŸ™‚

But most of the world never gets to see the full picture of who you are. They see you only as you present yourself in specific circumstances with them.

Maybe you are study partners for a semester-long class. Perhaps you are casual work colleagues, joined by shared company values and projects, but little else. Or you could be an on-stage personality, riveting the audience for ten minutes. Maybe you’re just a person they see for ten seconds – the time it takes to cross the street and disappear around the corner.

The less time and context you have to establish a relationship with someone, the more likely that person is to form an incomplete and (potentially) inaccurate impression of you.

I am frequently mis-categorized by people based upon my appearance or personality. My initial reaction is of annoyance. “I’m a lot more than what you see or think!” Have you have experienced the same?

It is so easy to make first impressions of a person and judge him/her upon that. We all do it, to differing extents. It’s natural.

So then, being judged mistakenly must be a common issue. As such, I’m presenting a series of videos to share my thoughts and strategies in addressing and challenging misconceptions.

Enjoy this first video of the series, and please do share your own thoughts and experiences!



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