Blueberry Dutch Babies

My parents enjoyed the cosy intimacy and pampering experience of B&Bs (bed and breakfast inns), each with a distinct personality and endearing history reflected in its architecture, styling and knick-knack decorations. As a result, I have fond childhood memories of …

Truffle Salt Gilds a Soft-Cooked Egg

I love truffle salt… particularly with an ultra-simple recipe of a soft-cooked egg with buttered bread batons and truffle salt on the side. It involves simply a pot of water, a timer, and raw eggs. In less than 10 minutes, you have a silky egg white custard cradling a pool of warm, luscious egg yolk. Paired with buttery-crisp airy bread sticks and a generous pinch of truffle salt, you have a magical, gourmet breakfast treat.