My Story Of Style

What is it to have style? What is it to be considered stylish? How do you attain your style? Just as a a composer’s music piece is given different individual interpretation by each performer, fashion designer brands are combined and layered in ways that you make your own. By doing so, you create an entire story about your style.

Bringing dreams to life

As the junction of 2012’s end 2013’s kick-off approaches, I’m occupied with equal parts of introspective reflection and imaginative potential of the future. … I find the year’s end to be good reason to summarize the prior year’s milestones and self-evolution, and setting future intentions based on the foundation laid.

Statement of Luxury

“Luxury: the state of great comfort and extravagant living. Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort.” (Obvious) luxury may be an aspirational multi-million dollar mansion, a Hermes Birkin, or Marchesa haute couture. But it can also be making a …