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As the junction of 2012’s end 2013’s kick-off approaches, I’m occupied with equal parts of introspective reflection and imaginative potential of the future.

I don’t like to think of the new year as being the catalyst to put into place often-repeated resolutions. Weight goals are great, but honestly, springtime warmth brings more immediate incentive of toning a summer beach body than a mid-winter promise buried in layers and hearty comfort foods.

Instead, I find the year’s end to be good reason to summarize the prior year’s milestones and self-evolution, and setting future intentions based on the foundation laid.

Achieved  Married a guy I will respect, adore, and grow with for my entire life. Incredible side benefit: gaining an extended, international, fun-loving family (friends and relatives close in our hearts).
Goal  Upcoming European honeymoon!

Achieved  Immersion in mobile technology – the user experience, product development, and marketing.

Goal  The future is focused on mobile; I’m ready to ride the wave~

Achieved  Inspired by a number of people who innovate, dream big, have unconventional dream careers, and who thoroughly love life.

Goal  CREATE and DO. Believing that I have what it takes to make an impact, and that now is the best time to make it happen.

I’ve already started on my last goal, so that I’m off to a running start when 2013 arrives. The launch of Little Luxuries is part of that!

Take some time to mentally play with your dreams, and consider how they’ll manifest in 2013. Please share; I would love to hear!

Stepping out at SF City Hall and making first eye contact with my groom – I couldn’t be happier!


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  2. Thanks, Lauriel! You are on a great start and keep it coming!

  3. Thanks Cookie! 🙂 Wow, your blog is gorgeous and chock full with great food and energy – I have a lot to do to get mine looking as great and personalized as yours~

  4. Congrats on a big year and good luck for more adventures to come! Happy to find your blog again!

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