Your Self Identity: Dare to Defy Stereotypes!


Your closest friends and family may be privileged to hear your inner wishes and fears, see you evolve through life experiences, and embrace you for everything that you are. Gotta love them for that. But most of the world never… Continue Reading

Reflecting Upon 2013


What an unbelievably memorable year 2013 has been! The beginning of this year marked the launch of (briefly under the name Lil’ Luxuries, before transitioning to its current state). I’ve so enjoyed sharing some of my favorite ways to… Continue Reading

Philosophies of Happiness and Youth


I recently celebrated a milestone birthday – I’m 35! Halfway through the ‘Sex and the City’ decade, and I’m having a blast. I couldn’t ask for a more loving, amazing life partner, and I have plenty of hopes – but… Continue Reading

My Story Of Style


What is it to have style? What is it to be considered stylish? How do you attain your style? Just as a a composer’s music piece is given different individual interpretation by each performer, fashion designer brands are combined and layered in ways that you make your own. By doing so, you create an entire story about your style.
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