Spring fashion: white lace dress by TargetStyle. How to wear it with layers when the temperatures cool down!

Romantic White Lace Dress: Layers for Changing Spring Temperatures

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[This post is sponsored by Target.
All content herein solely reflects my personal thoughts and opinions.]
One of my favorite rituals of welcoming spring is slipping into the light, breezy fashions of the season. After keeping myself bundled up through the winter, it’s such a pleasure to shed the layers! (And I can’t complain – I got a teaser of summer during my vacation to Hawai’i.)

But oh, what to do if cooler temperatures may not quite completely justify wearing such light, floaty layers? I’m not going to let them stop me (even though I have been known to wear a wool coat in San Francisco in the middle of summer…). This weekend, I donned one of my new spring dresses from Target, and successfully weathered temps between 75 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are a few easy ways to make your early-spring look work by incorporating some of your winter essentials.

TargetStyle white lace dress for spring, with floral bouquet

Spring trends include big and bright florals, fringe (all sorts: short to long, thick to thin), cut-out and see-through silhouettes, kimono-inspired wraps, and lace. Lace adds such beautiful texture to clothes; it’s a favorite of mine, and I’m thrilled that it’s so prevalent this year!

TargetStyle white lace dress for spring, with floral bouquet

Target has a beautiful white lace dress that’s perfect for a range of occasions. Have a weekend brunch with the family? Making the musical festival circuit? Looking for a piece that’s both work-appropriate, and yet special for evening socializing? This dress is a white spaghetti-strap sheath with a softly-draping lace overlay. I love its unique scooped hem. Longer in the front and back, and arching up on the side, the hem is appealingly flirtatious. The arm length is slightly longer so the scalloped wrist flows over the hand, romantically evocative of the baroque era.

TargetStyle white lace dress for spring, with floral bouquet

A gorgeous piece like this stands on its own. I kept my jewelry simple and my hair loose, with a few small blossoms to pin it back – my personal homage to spring! Strappy white and gold sandals with a small wedge heel are beautiful and functional, good for romping through grass or wherever else your adventures may take you. To celebrate spring, I chose a floral bouquet as an alternative to a handbag. This is actually one that I made three years ago for my wedding! I created a spherical bouquet because I didn’t want to have to deal with gripping a thick bundle of flower stems; the ribbon makes for a much easier, more flexible way to hold the flowers. Bonus: it’s super-fun to pose with!

TargetStyle white lace dress for spring, with floral bouquet

TargetStyle white lace dress for spring, with floral bouquet

After soaking up the sun in our neighborhood (along with a few other locals; one pair came up and asking what we were shooting for, and we chatted for a bit and exchanged Instagram handles. 🙂 ), we went home for a bit, and then headed back out to run a few errands and grab a light dinner of Thai food. Since San Francisco weather changes by the hour, it had cooled off quite a bit by then, so I pulled out few of my cool-weather staples.

How to wear dress with layers when it's cold in the spring. White lace dress with faux fur vest, boots, and scarf. TargetStyle!

How to wear dress with layers when it's cold in the spring. White lace dress with faux fur vest, boots, and scarf. TargetStyle!

A sleeveless faux fur vest keeps my body warm, while still keeping the gorgeous lace sleeves exposed. And here’s another year-round San Francisco: long leather boots. Lastly, to keep the color palette from getting too dark, the reds in a light floral scarf and a structured crimson red bag keep things bright and cheery!

How to wear dress with layers when it's cold in the spring. White lace dress with faux fur vest, boots, and scarf. TargetStyle!

So, I say go ahead and indulge in all of your spring fashion desires! It’s completely possible to wear the fresh new spring looks, no matter what cool weather Mother Nature may still have in store for us. I know I will be! 😉

xoxo and aloha,



TargetStyle Find your style @TargetStyle! This post is sponsored by Target; all content solely reflects my personal thoughts and opinions.


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  1. Amby Felix says:

    Target is awesome! They always have super cute clothes and reasonable prices. This dress is super adorable and perfect for springtime. I love thigns that are flowy and girly.

    1. Agreed on all points! And I think we have similar fashion taste~ 😉 <3

  2. gettinfitfab says:

    I love Target, it’s so dangerous to go shopping there because I over spend… And don’t ever get what I went in there for. Oops! That dress is GORGEOUS, I actually should see how I look it in, I have my engagement party coming up!

    1. Omg, I HAVE THAT EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I go in with a budget and intent… and walk out with totally unexpected (but oh-so-cute/chic) purchases. 😡

      Cheers on your upcoming engagement party, I’m sure you will look LOVELY!! <3

  3. Target has got the best dress styles! I love it with the vest. And I love your hair loose and wisping around like the dress does. Great tips, thanks!

    1. Yep, seriously! Super cute and comfy – some of my top criteria. 😉 Thanks so much for the lovely comments!

  4. A Woman The World Deserves says:

    White is such a classic spring color. It just makes you feel light and airy and ready for the world. I love how you chose to layer! You are looking good girl.

  5. Susie Qpons says:

    This whole post is just absolutely perfect! I love the dress and all the wonderful photos! I wish I could look this young and vibrant! Thank you for the wonderful share!

  6. Rochkirstin Santos says:

    Kimono-inspired wraps are trendy nowadays but I have not
    found the perfect pattern that I would love to wear. Lace is a classic design
    that is great for this season. I love your white dress! It’s ultra feminine!

  7. That dress is so cute!! I’m a huge lace person and that is just adorable. I had no idea Target had something like that, I may have to head up there and poke around this weekend.

  8. Jennifer Juro says:

    I love that dress! Target is one of my favorite places to go buy new clothes, they have great style and they are decent on my budget. I need to go see what new stuff they have
    gotten in this season!

  9. What a fun photo shoot! I absolutely love Target and have tons of dresses from there. They are always so stylish, comfortable, and of course, affordable. This dress would be great to wear to a baby shower–I have tons coming up this year!

  10. Jeanine says:

    Gorgeous photos! That dresses stunning. I doubt I could pull it off but it looks beautiful on you! Very spring, and could go with lots of accessories! Very pretty and that jacket with it is amazing!

  11. Cindy DG says:

    What beautiful pictures and what beautiful styles! It gets me thinking about spring and summer! All the weddings and events that are to come! I love that white lace dress! I am so excited for fashion this spring! So many new great styles!

  12. Great Idea, I never would have put that jacket with it, but it’s so cute!

  13. Karissa Ancell says:

    What a cute dress, so perfect for spring.

  14. Too short for me, but it is very pretty!

  15. Mary La Fornara says:

    I love this dress! So perfect for spring and it looks adorable paired with the vest!

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