Club Monaco silk maxi dress and Fuchsia gold strappy rope sandals for tropical, beachy chic style

Tropical Beach Sunset Style: Silk Maxi Dress & Gold Rope Sandals

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Aloha, dear readers! I hope you’ll forgive the postponement of my series of travel outfit posts until after I returned from our week of relaxation in Hawai’i. That time on Maui and Oahu was spent in an other-worldly state of bliss with my husband. 🙂

This outfit shoot is my favorite to-date because how well it captures the serene, beautiful glow that filled our hearts there. Mother Nature, already impressive in so many ways, seemed even more radiant in Hawai’i. From breath-taking sunrises (so incredible that we dragged ourselves up at 3 AM more than once to watch the day’s opening scene!), to volcanic rock cliffs, azure-turquoise frothy waves, and endless waves of wind-swept golden grass, we couldn’t get enough of the perfect scenery. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite views in upcoming posts!

Club Monaco silk maxi dress and Fuchsia gold strappy rope sandals for tropical, beachy chic style. Gorgeous sunset shot.

Club Monaco silk maxi dress and Fuchsia gold strappy rope sandals for tropical, beachy chic style

This particular evening, after a day of wandering, we jumped into the car and chased the setting light onto a sandy, grassy knoll overlooking the water. There, the sun and I had a lovely, intimate rendezvous. Ah, what a luxury it would be to bask in golden rays like these everyday!

Club Monaco silk maxi dress and Fuchsia gold strappy rope sandals for tropical, beachy chic style. Wind blowing through dress.

Each day, I wore a swimsuit with shorts/skirt and a loose blouse/tank top. Come evening, I’d change into an airy, flowing dress or romper to relax in. This is a wardrobe I could easily and happily live in everyday. 😉

Club Monaco silk maxi dress and Fuchsia gold strappy rope sandals for tropical, beachy chic style

Club Monaco is one of my favorite places for effortlessly chic pieces such as this light, fluid silk maxi dress with a delicate blue paisley print. It is simply beautiful, needing little adornment. As such, these Fuchsia minimalist, unique rope sandals (on sale for $22 as of 4/5!) are a perfect, casually classy accompaniment. These leather sandals are done in the traditional kolhapuri chappal style. They are handmade, stitched open-toed sandals with a big-toe strap and a slim, length-wise strap running midway up the foot. This beautiful design is hand-embroidered with gold thread detailing.

Club Monaco silk maxi dress and Fuchsia gold strappy rope sandals for tropical, beachy chic style. Back view

Fuchsia Cherry Gold Thread Rope sandals (kolhapuri chappal style)

Fuchsia Shoes is a Seattle-based shoe brand with beautiful, vibrant designs for women with an eye for globally-influenced style. Their shoes are painstakingly handmade by female artisans in Pakistan. By purchasing their shoes, one can both feel great about supporting the empowerment of Pakistani women in the industry, and look great!

Fuchsia Cherry Gold Thread Rope sandals (kolhapuri chappal style)

My must-have travel companion, a Longchamp bag, is an ideal bag to pack because of its slim profile. It slides into a suitcase without taking up any room at all.

Beach Sunset Style: Longchamp gold bag, Michael Kors shades, and Club Monaco silk maxi dress

Club Monaco silk maxi dress and Fuchsia gold strappy rope sandals for tropical, beachy chic style. Looking off into the sunset.

Outfit: Club Monaco silk maxi dress (current option), Fuchsia Cherry sandals (thanks to Fuchsia Shoes!), Longchamp bag

Lastly, I leave you with the most gorgeous shot of all – a cool grey-blue canvas poured over with liquid gold, and thick ribbons of light reaching out in one last, glorious finale.

Golden Maui Beach Sunset


with much aloha,



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  2. Beautiful dress and sandals! These would have been perfect for my last vacation 🙂

  3. Really beautiful pictures! 🙂

  4. So cute! Hope you’re having a fabulous time in Hawaii with the hubs. <3

    xo, Alina

  5. geanine petraglia says:

    Those views are stunning! I love how you lived in swimsuits daily, and maxi dresses at night. Proves to me I am normal, this is my typical attire for vacation as well:)

  6. stunning!! such beautiful photographs and super love your dress 🙂

    kisses from dubai ♥

  7. You look INCREDIBLE! Your outfit is perfect, and I don’t know how you even left that beautiful paradise!?!

  8. OMG these pictures are so breathtake! I love the camera, the location and of course you top model! Loving the shoes and you look so pretty and graceful!

  9. A Woman The World Deserves says:

    Firsst of all, you look absolutely amazing. The sun is hitting just right. Your dress is blowing just perfectly. And your pedicure is flawless. I have not been to Hawaii but it look slike you had an amazing time and definitely well dressed.

  10. I super love every photo you’ve posted, they are all beautiful, the background and you. It is so vibrant! I also love your choice of outfit in such a beautiful and relaxing place …a swimsuit with shorts/skirt and a loose blouse/tank top on daytime and the flowing dress! ahhh! it’s love!


  11. Brook Devis says:

    Oh my God you look absolutly beautiful in hthe pictures. and the photoes are awesome. Great photography i’d say. i love the dress its very beautiful and give me already summer feeling. totall outfit is very trendy

  12. Fi Ni Neachtain says:

    Can I just say, those pictures are absolutely beautiful! Now I’m inspired to find a sunset to shoot in. I am loving the dress, I really want some dresses like that for my summer holiday this year, the print is gorgeous. I’m loving the gold sandals too, so pretty!

  13. Rochkirstin Santos says:

    Your background looks incredibly beautiful. I love how the light bounces on to the subject and the water at the back. Your dress looked comfortable and flowy. It’s the perfect attire to the beach! Elegant and conservative. 🙂

  14. Ayana Pitterson says:

    Wow…that is BEAUTIFUL! But, let’s talk about those sandals. I absolutely LOVE them and trying to find a pair as we speak. lol.

    Thrifting Diva

  15. Jeesh, well aren’t you a beauty! I feel so out of place when I wear maxi dresses, but yours looks so beautiful and flowy. I may need to re-evaluate the maxi dress situation this year. Hoping while my husband and I are living in California, we’ll head over to Hawaii one of these months (notice I didn’t say “years” lol)

  16. Aloha! You are making me yearn for a Hawaiian vacation because of all of your gorgeous photos. Since that won’t be likely anytime soon, I guess I can just go on a shopping spree instead. Love the beach wear you feature–stylish yet practical!

  17. Susie Qpons says:

    I absolutely love everything about this post! Hawaii looks so beautiful, it’s the perfect background for modeling such amazing apparel! I especially like the Longchamp bag as it would be the ideal bag for this time of year. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us!

  18. Love the shoes especially!

  19. P Yang says:

    Absolutely beautiful — both outfit and photography! 🙂

  20. You look gorgeous:) that dress is absolutely stunning and it looks so comfortable and easy to wear!

  21. Terry My Journey With Candida says:

    Aloha!! Loving your outfit. But, I have a fashion question. I have some long dresses that I want to wear on vacation. Do you wear a slip under yours to keep from seeing straight through it? Sometimes, you get in the sunlight and you can see straight through the dress. I was just wondering what to do about that?
    By the way. Your Longchamp bag matches your sandals perfectly!!

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