Vibrant Colorblocking from Single by Galina Sobolev

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Spring calls for clothing that makes you feel carefree, graceful, sexy and alive – and this dress does exactly that! A light-as-air silk dress that catches the breeze and floats gently around my body was the perfect match for this beautiful, unexpectedly sunny San Francisco weekend. This richly-hued red and fuchsia Carrie colorblock hi-lo dress is from Single by Galina Sobolev.

[Single red & fuchsia hi-lo dress – thanks to Single by Galina Sobolev,
Cole Haan metallic sandals, H&M collar necklace, Gorjana wrap bracelet, BCBG envelope clutch]
It’s an utterly beautiful piece of clothing. The silk crepe de chine material is smooth and light, gently flowing over the body without clinging. It’s also a flattering and comfortable cut for many body types, and the elastic waist means you can enjoy the day (and meals 😉 ) without feeling constrained. The thin belted waist provides form-flattering shape to the soft fabric, and the overlying top subtly accents the chest in a demure, appropriate-for-any-occasion manner.



The hi-low hem is one that I’ve always loved, particularly for dancing! As a salsa dance lover, this is exactly the type of style I look for. Dramatic around the legs, but allowing for full freedom of your legs for quick moves. The dress is super easy and comfortable to move in. I’m completely in love with the lower back hem, which creates a train-like effect that trails behind. Looking for a distinctive way to leave a memorable departing impression? This is it. 😉

 [Such beautiful movement as I walk! This begs for a confident, sexy stride, as this is a dress that will definitely pull attention to you.]

SingleDress_GalinaSobolev-5 [Whee!]

It showcases legs wonderfully, particularly drawing notice to ankles; I suggest an ankle-wrapped sandal to accent it even more. The dress has a luxe embellishment of rhinestone-studded gold beads at the waist drawstring, so I continued that color scheme with my shoes and accessories. The dress is such a vivid statement piece, neutral metallics are the best way to frame it.

I’m wearing Cole Haan woven gold sandals from a few seasons ago, so they’re not sold anymore, but similar options that would work are Coach Kamea sandals and Jimmy Choo Blast sandals.



The dress is a highlight – and my personal love – of the Single Dress‘ 2013 Spring/Summer collection. Single style is confident, sexy, and feminine – all of which are embodied in this dress! It also comes in citron and royal blue (as shown here), and royal blue and black. For the spring and summer seasons, the red/fuchsia and citron/royal blue versions get my vote. 🙂

Single is designed by Galina Sobolev, an award-winning Fashion Institute of Technology grad with an talent for creating fresh interpretations of the latest trends, with luxurious fabrics from silk to cashmere. Based in LA, her creations have appeared frequently on the red carpet, and she has made appearances on Bravo.



Close up, you can see the details of the rhinestone gold beads (a small but fun detail that adds to the luxury of the dress) that inspired my other gold accessories.

The Gorjana Griffen leather and gold wrap bracelet in particular, with its dual-textured materials, is one of my favorite ways to add a luxurious but slightly edgy finish to any outfit from a casual T-shirt and jeans to feminine dresses.



I love that this outfit inspires equal parts of dramatic flair, and sensual romance. Walking/dancing/flirting, it’s an attention-getter, so have fun with it and own the scene! 😉



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  2. Wow, the fuchsia and red is such a bright and bold color combo! And I love your spring-like background, it’s so pretty!

    1. Based on your color blog posts, I think the fuchsia/red color scheme would go great on you as well~ 🙂

      Thanks! We’re lucky in that we live near a park in SF, and everything – the weather, nature blooming, etc. just worked together perfectly. It’s nice to find an oasis of nature in the middle of a city… 🙂

  3. this post makes me so excited for spring! beautifully done! and your smile is gorgeous darling!

    Danielle Stielle

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! <3 Yes, spring warmth can’t come quickly enough..

  4. Patricia says:

    This dress is fantastic! Love the color blocking!!

    1. thank you!! 🙂

  5. the colors of this dress are so eye popping! i think it looks amazing on you!


    1. Thanks Maggie! The colors are super-saturated and vivid – even more so in person than in the pics. In person you can see a bit more velvety finish of the silk material~

    2. thanks Maggie! 😀 (I’d love to see it worn with one of your TF lipsticks..) 😉

  6. Shirley says:

    Stunning Laurie! The picture with your hair flowing, reminds me of the logo for Princess Cruise line.

    1. 😀 thanks Shirley! Fun comparison~ Actually, in college, one of my nicknames was L’Oreal (yes, the shampoo…) because of the similarity in pronunciation to lauriel. I did a bit of hair-tossing then. 😉

  7. I love this color block dress! It’s so flowy and pretty! Your bracelets are also lovely!

    Have a beautiful day Lauriel!

    1. Victoria, thanks! Yep, I love fluid designs and flowing fabrics – so comfy and sensual at the same time. 🙂 Have a great rest of the week too!

  8. Me says:

    What an attractive look and eye-catching colors!

    1. thank you! <3

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