Emerald Green for St. Patricks Day

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Wishing you all a bit of luck and happiness for St. Patricks (a day late *^_^*), and throughout the year! I didn’t celebrate the holiday with drinking or pinching (hmmm, J didn’t wear green… I could have pinched him..!), but I did show my spirit by wearing green.

I’ve seen shiny green beads, green furry hats, green and white striped socks, and green T-shirts/tank tops aplenty; San Francisco is a dressing-up and party-loving city. I love dressing up too (just two years ago, I followed the masses to celebrate the luck of the Irish with fuzzy white, yellow, and lime green knee-highs and bright green nail polish) but recently, I’ve become more interested in looking well put-together than making a shock-factor statement.


Yesterday I pulled a simple, fitted emerald green blazer (emerald green has the spotlight in the fashion world, as Pantone’s color of the year) on top of a loose, light white tank top accented with a center band of bright yellow pleats, and topped it with a statement turquoise and gold-colored necklace. My yellow and green pairing was inspired by daffodils, but given the occasion, it’s just as well interpreted as a ‘shamrock and pot of gold’ color scheme. šŸ™‚

StPatricksDayGreenFashion-1 [H&M green blazer (similar option), Soprano tank top, Forever21 bib necklace, Fornarina pants, Banana Republic sandals (similar option), Kenneth Cole glasses]

I like playing with complementary color blocking of similar hues. Red and pink, as in the red and fuchsia dress from my last post, is one example. Yellow and orange is be another. And today, green and blue was the cool, calming palette that caught my fancy.

These aquamarine stretchy pants are casual, but with a clean cut and look. I’m quite happy how the three cool tones – emerald green, turquoise, and aquamarine – harmonized with the sunny gold accents of my strappy gold cork-soled sandals and necklace.


I’ve been looking for a cheerful and bold bib necklace for a while, and this fits the bill perfectly! It has garnered many compliments every time I’ve worn it. It has been an easy investment with great impact pay-off. šŸ™‚

What are some of your favorite jewelry accent pieces?



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  2. Me says:

    Your color scheme is both eye catching and yet calming and happy. That emerald green is my favorite! šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! šŸ™‚ I bet the emerald green would look great with jade jewelry… and silver accents~

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