Bright Colors of Spring

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It’s time to celebrate spring! Okay, my enthusiasm may be a little early (Spring officially begins March 20), but I’m ready to surround myself with vibrant, fresh shades that make me smile and daydream about meadow picnics and playful breezes swirling around flowers and skirts.

I’m drawn to anything bright, and these gorgeous vermillion and goldenrod tulips from Trader Joes have brought me such happiness this week!


Have fun and don’t be afraid of splitting up and cutting your bouquet into smaller batches that showcase individual blooms in interesting ways. I’ve found that smaller and more minimalist groupings of flowers draw the eye in more to appreciate each flower, yet displaying cuttings at staggered heights contributes to a lush, full effect.


The unique, gracefully heart-shaped vase is from my favorite local florist, San Francisco Florist, which is the same place that I got my succulent project materials from. I love how it looks so delicately fluid, cradling a bubble of water and blossoms, despite its sturdy, elemental composition of metal and rock.

I picked up a cheery, bright set of two-toned trays from One Kings Lane, and used one of them here as a color accent and to unify the presentation of the two vases. The vase in the background is a Mikasa bud vase, one of a set of three that I’ve had forever.


In the background, the green and gold tones of metallic silk pillows from Thailand (from a month-long trek through southeast Asia that I took some years ago) echo the tone beautifully. Welcome to spring serenity in our living room!


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  1. Elaine says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Creative! You’ve given me some new ideas. Thanks!

    1. Great! 😀

  2. Those flowers are so fresh and pretty! Gotta love Trader Joes! I’m so ready for spring too, girl!

    1. Yes! They make me giddy when I see them~ Just about every week, I can’t resist from getting happiness in the form of flowers from TJ’s. 😀 THanks for stopping by! <3

      1. Thank you for your sweet comments! Following back on bloglovin! <3

        1. Hi Victoria! I’m puzzled because I think I could access your blog before, but when I just tried to click through, I got a ‘denied’ message. 🙁 (this is via my gmail acct with my lauriel username) Hoping you’ll see this message and be able to reply.. I would love to keep reading your posts! 🙂

  3. that’s such a pretty and unique vase!


    1. Hi Maggie, thanks! And thanks for stopping by! I’m hopping over to your blog now – cute style and I’m enjoying your Europe posts. Will follow you on bloglovin’~ 🙂

  4. Love those vibrant colors and the artistic display!

    1. Thanks! Glad you can experience them vicariously~ 😉

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