How To Find Your Hairstylist BFF

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I’ve spent years of trying out different hair stylists from San Francisco to Singapore. As a result, I’ve gotten many… let’s say, interpretations of my request for ‘layered’ hair. The worst resulting in me looking like an Asian Jennifer Aniston – you know, the ‘Friends’ haircut. Okay, so it could have been worse, but what really stuck with me was how differently a look could come across, given the person working with your hair.

There are two variables. The first is a stylist’s talent. You can do some investigating about that via their online portfolio, customer reviews, etc. You can also get a good sense of their abilities by the manner and detail that they describe their thought process and techniques. Which brings me to the second barometer of their capabilities. Communication.

Unsurprisingly, just like any other relationship you have, the better communication between the two of you, the better chance that you have a shared understanding, and ultimately, vision. And this is key to getting a hairstyle that you’re ultimately thrilled with.

So, with the points listed in my video above, I hope you have some great ammunition of how to identify your stylist soulmate. 😉

After years of searching (and dragging my poor hair through it all), I’ve finally found my stylist soulmate. Based in downtown San Francisco, meet Nikko of Nikko Cuts You. He is absolutely fabulous, both in personality and his ability to create the vision I was hoping for my hair, but didn’t even know how to fully express. Together, we create expectations for a look, and what we’re going to do to get there (and what’s needed to maintain it). In my journey of going blonde (I’m three steps in the multi-step process to get there!), he has been my guide and friend. Thank you, Nikko!

NikkoCutsYou, San Francisco hairstylist (color and cut)
NikkoCutsYou, San Francisco hairstylist (color and cut)

How do you approach your relationship with your hair stylist? Is there anything in particular that you look for, or enjoy, in your relationship?



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