Luna for Sensitive Skin by Foreo

Foreo’s Luna and Issa: Beautiful Ultrasonic Personal Cleansing

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As a proponent of natural beauty, I believe that the key fundamentals of beauty come from self well-being, not the layers of cosmetic creams and colors applied on top of the skin. The best thing you can do is to take the best care of your natural assets, as that will have long-lasting effects throughout your life. I translate this into eating healthily, sleeping well (I can never have too much sleep!), brushing and flossing multiple times a day, and taking the utmost care of my skin.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the wonders of ultrasonic cleaning, thanks to a jewelry ultrasonic cleaner gifted to me by my wedding ring jeweler. I was instantly convinced of its benefits when I saw the incredible, super-sparkly results (that I consistently get, to this day). You may not be able to see the visual effects of ultrasonic skin cleansing (alas, no sparkling skin, a la Twilight’s Edward Cullen), but you’ll certainly feel it.

Foreo, a Swedish-based company founded in 2013, specializes in attractive, minimalist ultrasonic cleaning devices. Made of easily-graspable silicone, they’re hygenic and waterproof. I received the Luna, a palm-sized facial cleaner, and the Issa, a sleek toothbrush.

Ultrasonic Issa toothbrush and Luna facial cleanser by Foreo

Foreo Luna anti-aging side

Both are lightweight and visually appealing. They are designed beautifully and fluidly, come in a variety of pastel and jewel tones, and have white-LED-lit bottoms during charging and portions of use. They look great sitting on the bathroom sink counter top!

To get the most effective use out of both, it’s important to follow the directions, included as visual guides in the packaging, with a highly-detailed guide downloadable from the company’s site. The Luna facial cleanser has two in-depth steps – cleansing and anti-aging – and the guidelines are useful to note how to move the cleaner across your face, as well as how much time to spend on each step. And while we may think we know how to brush our teeth, I found it useful to learn that the Issa works best when used as a regular toothbrush (e.g. don’t just statically hold it against the teeth, assuming the vibration will do all the work), moved in circular movements with gentle, steady pressure, in 30-second increments for each quadrant of the mouth.


  • Silicone construction is less likely to harbor bacteria buildup than tools with traditional brushes
  • Customizable level of vibration to your level of comfort
  • Extremely lightweight and small for their functionality, which is convenient for traveling purposes
  • Holds charge for an incredible amount of time (I’ve heard the Luna holds one charge for 6+ months!)
  • Sturdy and hygenic silicone bristles will provide long periods of use (1+ years); no need to change brush heads with the same frequency as traditional brushes
  • Luna: unique anti-aging mode that directs lower-frequency pulses to the lower surface of the skin, in addition to the deep-cleansing mode
  • Issa: gentle cleansing of the teeth and gums in a way that will not wear away tooth enamel or cause gum recession (caused from over-aggressive brushing)


  • T-sonic vibrations are significantly more noticeable (they felt like they were reverberating through my head!) than ultrasonic tools with soft bristles, since they’re being translated fairly directly through the silicone bristles. The first use was the most startling; I’m now getting used to it, but I would say that it’s definitely not the most relaxing cleansing process.
  • Luna: while easy to hold, the flat, wide shape is more difficult to maneuver around the contours of my face (particularly, around my nose, where I particularly enjoy having clean pores) than a flexible brush head. It’s also not easy to tell what specific areas of the skin it’s in contact with. As a result, I find myself spending more time going over an area to make sure that I’ve covered everything.
  • Issa: While the T-sonic technology is quite effective (after cleaning, when I rub my fingers over my teeth, they squeak significantly more so than after cleaning with a regular toothbrush), I have a similar issue with getting the bristles into all of the nooks and crannies of my mouth, most notably in the back. To get a complete clean, I floss thoroughly prior to brushing with the Issa, to loosen and pull out food and loose plaque. (This is not a tool that you’ll want to use on its own – always remember to also floss!)

Ultrasonic Issa toothbrush and Luna facial cleanser by Foreo

Bottom line

Both products are effective, super-stylish ultrasonic tools for someone who is passionate about ultrasonic cleaning and is excited to learn about new beauty technology. There’s somewhat of a learning curve to use them, and it may not feel natural or comfortable to use them initially, especially as you try to figure out how they can best fit your needs and comfort preference, but the results are likely to be worth it once you’re familiarized with them.

It’s worth checking out both the Luna and the Issa, and seeing how well they fit into your lifestyle. As I’m writing this en route to Japan, I’m thinking about the Luna tucked into a corner of my toiletry bag. I’m looking forward to keeping my skin pampered through the muddy and wet music festival ahead. 🙂

Xoxo and aloha,
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